How to Measure Your Size

Welcome to our guide on achieving the perfect fit! Ensuring the right size is not just about comfort; it's the key to how a garment drapes and enhances your silhouette. Are you a S Size that's actually a L Size for that oversized look? Let's dive into the art of measuring to unlock your ideal fit and style.

Breakkin Even provides garment measurements to help you choose your ideal fit.

How our measurement chart works:

Breakkin Even size charts are designed based on garment sizes. When referring to these charts, it's essential to consider your body measurements for an accurate fit.
For a fitted look, choose a size closest to your body measurements. If you prefer an oversized fit, opt for a size larger than your actual measurements. For example, if you want a shirt that fits snugly, select the size that matches your body dimensions closely. Conversely, if you prefer a looser, oversized style, go for a size larger, like a size large, for the best fit.


We welcome customizations at Breakkin Even, offering flexibility in size, measurements, and length for all our pieces. Each item is meticulously crafted and custom-made once an order is placed, ensuring a personalized fit and style that meets your preferences. Whether you need adjustments to the standard sizes or specific alterations to the garment length, we are dedicated to creating clothing that fits you perfectly and reflects your individuality.