Collection: FREQUENCY

"FREQUENCY" is an exploration of the vibrations that define the human experience. Each piece in this collection is a harmonious blend of utility, art and self-expression, designed to celebrate the unique energy and rhythm that each individual carry within themselves.

The concept revolves around the idea that every person emits their own frequency—a distinct energy that shapes their personality, emotions, and presence. This collection aims to capture, amplify, and celebrate these individual frequencies through fashion. 

Color Palette: The color palette for "FREQUENCY" is inspired by the spectrum of visible light and the emotions associated with different frequencies. Deep, calming blues represent lower frequencies, while vibrant oranges signify higher frequencies.

Materials and Textures: The fabrics chosen for this collection are not only highly durable but also urban. By urban, we talk about the use of fabrics that are a sustainable choice for the present and the future. The collection has a spread of fabrics ranging from recycled polyesters, recycled cottons, recycled net to finest knits and upcycled denims.

Interactive Elements: Multi-Utility and Styling is seamlessly integrated into select garments, allowing them to respond to your personal frequency or even the external environment. Select garments  have customization alternatives that allow the user to experience a different type of the same garment in each wear.

"FREQUENCY" is more than just a fashion collection; it's a celebration of the human spirit and the unique frequencies that make each person extraordinary. By merging utility, artistry, and the essence of self, this collection seeks to redefine the way we view and interact with fashion, offering a multi-styling experience that resonates deeply with the wearer's soul. It's a symphony of style that invites everyone to join in and celebrate their own unique frequencies.