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Linen Cut Sleeves - Red

Linen Cut Sleeves - Red

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Crafted from breezy linen, it's your go-to piece for beating the heat with effortless style. The cut sleeve design adds a dash of definition to your shoulders, giving you that extra edge wherever you go. Inspired by Breakkin Even’s newly launched logo, the collar features an innovative zipper detail. Not only does it add a touch of flair, but it also allows you to play with the collar's shape and fall, unleashing your creativity with every wear. Stay cool, stay stylish, and make a statement with our Linen Cut Sleeve Shirt.

Materials and Fabrics

100% Recycled Linen, Metal Embellishments

Use Care

Always handle your shirt with care, paying special attention to the buttons, studs, zippers, and other metal embellishments. When not in use, store your shirt on a properly sized hanger in a well-ventilated area to maintain its pristine condition.

Wash Care

Close the zippers of th collar before washing. Due to its natural properties, linen should not be soaked during washing. Please use a mild detergent and wash at low temperatures, ideally no higher than 40 degrees Celsius. Hot water may lead to shrinkage. Additionally, exercise caution when washing items with studs, embroidery patches, or metal embellishments to preserve their integrity. Steam Iron or Low flat iron recommended.

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