Collection: Tailor's Bloody Valentine

Inspired by the fervor and ardor of a tailor's love for their craft, we delve into the depths of emotion and artistry. Picture this: a young tailor, heartbroken on Valentine's Day, finds solace in his work after being spurned by his beloved. Instead of drowning in despair, he channels his pain into creation, pouring his soul into every stitch and seam. This collection is his catharsis, his redemption. The hues we've chosen reflect the turmoil within him – rich reds, somber grays, and hints of metallic accents, echoing the shattered fragments of his heart. Yet, amidst the darkness, there's a silver lining, a hint of resilience. Our designs marry the signature style of Breakkineven with elements of conscious utility, ensuring that every piece not only speaks to the soul but serves a purpose.

Experience the raw emotion and exquisite craftsmanship of "Tailor's Bloody Valentine," where heartache meets conscious fashion.