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Suiting Jorts

Suiting Jorts

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How to Measure Your Size!

Introducing our latest creation in suiting fashion: the 100% Cotton Suiting Jorts, a business casual essential. Crafted from premium suiting fabric, these jorts exude luxury and sophistication. What sets them apart are the unique features designed for ultimate comfort and convenience. The adjustable waistband, equipped with buttons, allows for up to a 2-inch variation in size, ensuring the perfect fit every time. Additionally, the meticulously crafted pocket design provides effortless access and smooth transitions between pockets, while introducing innovative functionality. Elevate your style with these versatile jorts that seamlessly blend comfort, elegance, and practicality.

Materials and Fabrics

100% Cotton Suiting, Metal Embellishments

Use Care

Make sure to adjust the side buttons to fit your waist every time you wear it, to prevent any strain on the waistband or your waist. This ensures a comfortable and flattering fit with each wear.

Wash Care

Gently brush down any dust particles. Spot cleaning recommended. Airing after every use to freshen up any smell. To remove minor creases, consider hanging your suit trousers in the bathroom while showering for a steam treatment. Alternatively, using a steamer is more effective than ironing, which can dull the fabric's shine. Medium iron on trouser folds to maintain shapes and crease lines. Dry clean recommended.

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